Backspace key has stopped working in Mac Book Pro

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Nov 11, 2020 Nov 11, 2020

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Hi all,


just yesterday I was typping fast and suddenly, the Backspace key stopped working.


Now it won't delete text (it just sounds "boink") unless I have selected text to clear.

The key works normally (not a broken key then I mean). The shortcuts would work just as fine until yesterday at noon...

I have tried the following:


– Customizing back again my shortcuts

– Raw editing a copy of the .indk file

– Exporting the same set of shortcuts (working ok) from another computer

– Attaching a cable keyboard to check if it was just the key. It is not: it works properly anywhere else.

– Resetting preferences

– Stand-alone running ID with no other apps running at the same time


The key will delete anything else in the app, text and graphic boxes, numbers and texts in dialog boxes and panes (swatch percentages, measures, etc...) And also of course the Backspace key works as expected everywhere else, like this very forum, or any other app.

So, I guess it has to be something related to contradcting shortcuts or maybe some accidental disable of some function while I was typing fast...


I have also browsed the forum but at no success...

Any ideas before I spend an entire evening re intalling from scratch?


Thanks so much!

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