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Dec 02, 2020 Dec 02, 2020

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I'm working with XML generated by a news system. There is no embedded DTD in the XML so the styling rules applied when structure items are dragged into the document have to be coming from somewhere, but I can't seem to find where. What is the default DTD and where does it live in the absence of one included with imported XML?


Notes: I can't view a DTD when I right-click on anything in the structure pane, the option is greyed out so I assume it's because it's not included in the XML. Looking at the XML in Textedit I don't see any DTD element, only simple XML tags that have to have a definition somewhere. (e.g., <headline>, <body_text>, <byline>). How do I find what file is ID loading to apply styles to these tags? Perhaps this workspace is set up in a specific way that the custom DTD was made ages ago by someone else and I just don't know how/where to find it.

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