How best to use different templates on the same text for single-sourcing

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Nov 07, 2020 Nov 07, 2020

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Hi. Longtime user of ID, but haven't come across this before and seeking advice and guidance on best practice.


The client has created a book (~200pp at 8.5x11) that I must turn into both an ebook for Amazon and a PDF for print. The book is not overly complex (just a few illos). I can easily create a nice-looking template for PDF output (been doing that for years), and have experimented with a template that can output a good EPUB file that makes it through the Amazon Kindle Previewer. Note that these are two different templates.


Where I'm unsure is the process of using two different templates on the same text so that I don't wind up with two sets of text to edit. With this client, future editing is a given. As they say in programming, I don't want to branch the code.


Is the best practice to create layers on the master pages, and then switch one layer on and one layer off? What about page size in that instance? PDF trim sizes are different from the "page size" of an ebook. Is the best practice to have two sets of masters within the same template, and apply them to the appropriate pages? (I'm leaning that way.) Is the best practice to have two different templates altogether, and hoist up the radiator cap and slide the new car underneath? (And if so, exactly how...?)


This should not be an odd task -- it's just single-sourcing the text -- but I haven't had to single-source such a complete reformat before on such a long text.


Thanks as always to the community.




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