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Dec 14, 2020 Dec 14, 2020

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I am publishing a BOOK created in InDesign, with 8 documents in the Book file.  The Table of contents is in document 01, the bibliography, List of Illustrations, and Index are in document 08.  For the print book I usedcross-references to fetch the page numbers for the illustrations, and it worked fine. (att A)

For the ebook, the cross-references in the List of Illustrations was quite a failure.  (att B)

What looks like a hyperlink in fact fails. (att C)

I have selected all documents and updated all cross-references, but that did not help.

So I thought to use hyperlinks instead.  I created the destinations, then went to create a new hyperlink, but could not do so. (see att D).  As you can see on this page, I have successfully created a number of them, but others prevent me from proceeding.  When I hover over "Create new hyperlink" I get a "do not enter" symbol -- circle with a slash through it.  No can do.

Any ideas? I am considering simply publishing with this ragged list.  It is low priority in the scheme of things, because people can search through an ebook and find things, and only a few people would even care.  But I hate leaving it so messy.

Thank you for any ideas!!









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