InDesign CS6 Hyperlinks not reading PIDs in URLs (LOCKED—Duplicate Post)

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Dec 23, 2020 Dec 23, 2020

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Yes, I'm still using CS6, because I publish print books that are as old as Aldus Freehand, so I have everything back to Aldus Freehand.  Here's my question. Whenever I try to link to an URL that ends with a "/?p=",  InDesign adds a bunch of characters that the causes the hyperlink to get a 'not found' error message. 


Please see my attached image. 


Any url I enter with "?p=" adds the extra characters in the InDesign hyperlink text windows.   I 've tried editing and deleting the hyperlinks, sharing the hyperlinks, but any URL with a PID adds the characters I can't edit out using the hyperlink  windows.   This is what I found:  


"Originally “#” was used as an anchor to jump to an element with the same name/id. However, nowadays it's usually used with AJAX-based pages since changing the hash can be detected using JavaScript and allows you to use the back/forward button without actually triggering a full page reload."


I'd appreciate any step-by-step suggestions on how to get rid of those additional characters in an InDesign hyperlink?

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