Is InDesign template metadata available to XSLT during XML import?

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Nov 30, 2020 Nov 30, 2020

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I am planning to use XSLT upon XML import to convert relative table and table column widths in the source XML to the correct absolute values required for the page columns in my InDesign template. I have different InDesign templates I'll use with the XSLT, so I need a way to determine the correct column width for the template I'm using. Is there a way, using XSLT on import, to determine the column widths for a specific spread (or master spread) in the InDesign file.

I anticipate this probably isn't possible, so I have a second follow-up question. Is there anyway from the XSLT to determine the name of the template that is calling it? If so, then I could manually build a configuration file that the XSLT could use to look up the correct column width for the correct template.


All of the templates are stored in one location (I have no control over this), and the XSLT and XML files will be stored in different locations. The XML file could be anywhere on our network, and I have no control over any file locations. So, I need a variable way to determine either the column width of the current template or the filename of the current template. Any ideas?

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