Numbering of articles in a law book in a nested style

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Apr 30, 2021 Apr 30, 2021

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Hello adobe community 🙂
I have a big problem with the quite unusual composition of the publication on labor law in Poland. I came up with a layout, the correct pattern of which I placed on the mockup that I am sending. I'm also sending a screenshot of indesigna from the current situation, how it works to bring it to reality. I made art numbers using a character style followed by a nested paragraph style. The problems I struggle with are:

1. How do I arrange the article numbers on the right-hand side of the odd pages and do it automatically?
2. How to justify same numbering in a nested style to the right? (so that it never crosses a vertical line) I mean, I would like the numbers to line up from the vertical line to the edge of the page, so that the larger numbers (345) do not fall into the text behind the vertical line.

Perhaps you have some completely different idea. Faster and simpler than using nested styles. I thought about numbering, but there is a problem with the odd page, I would have to change the language to one where it is written from the right. If I have expressed myself unclearly, please ask for additional questions. I don't speak English fluently. Have a nice day 🙂

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