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Nov 10, 2020 Nov 10, 2020

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Hi, I would like to provide a solution to relink all images at once to a new folder when we have to create a new project and the images must follow the same root folder path with folders and subfolders. So, here is my project and the solution. I have built a business catalog of 300 pages for the year 2020 and this catalog has over 1000 images that are advertisments. The structure of my Folders is like that: 2020 > IMAGES > HORIZONTALS > with subfolder (145x50), (145x100), (145x170) etc. Each subfolder has many subfolders within for each client so this is a mess, organized though according to our needs. For this year, we will work on the same catalog since there will not be so many changes to create it from the begining so I created a new root folder 2021 and copied every file and folder from the 2020 root folder. After opening the InDesign file, all imiages are linked to each subfolder properly as before but the main root filder is still the 2020 which is not good because some changes to advertisments or new advertisments will be created in the 2021 version of the catalog. In coclusion, every single link points to the 2020 > IMAGES > HORIZONTALS etc, there is no way to relink one y one to the new 2021 folder. And here is the solution I found, very simple (maybe someone else has already thought about it of cource). I renamed the folder 2020 to 2020a (or anything) and change the Preferences > File Handling to "Original Link Folder". And vuala, when opening my InDesign file from the 2021 folder, all images are linked the the 2021 folder, following their IMAGES structure as it should be. ATTENTION. The file must be saved again to maintain the links the correct root folder. That's it, I hope this simple solution can help others to relax! Stay safe.

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