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Nov 05, 2020 Nov 05, 2020

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I imported an .rtf file into my inDesign document so that I could maintain the footnotes from a microsoft word doc, and for whatever reason, inDesign has slowed down to a totally inoperable pace. As an aside, I recently downloaded the new 2021 version of ID, and while I've opened the document on both versions (2020 and 20201), neither seems to handle it at a normal pace (it's also just not that large compared to other docs I haven't had issues with).   


My computer definitely has necessary operating capacity -- it's an iMac with 3.6 GHz Intel Core i9, 64GB memory, and Radeon Pro 575X 4 GB Graphics card.


Troubleshooting I've tried:

- Closing and restarting my computer and inDesign (both versions)

- Resetting my default preferences (basically by pressing Shift + ctrl + opt + cmd upon opening, on both versions)

- Clearing Adobe cache by going to Library > Application Support > Adobe > Common and placing cache folders into trash, and emptying trash


Any other ideas? I'm running out of solutions here! 

Bug, Import and export, Type








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