Slow Start of multiple InDesignServer Instances

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Feb 24, 2021 Feb 24, 2021

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We have a VM with InDesign Server CC 2020 installed. We use the InDesignServerService and configured 20 Instances over the management console. The Instances are managed by our own load balancer and lent to services that need one instance for a job. Our load balancer checks every minute if the instance is finally started by trying to connect to it over SOAP.
This Setup works and we use it successfully in Production. As long as the Instances are running, everything is fast and works fine.


But we have an issue with the start up times of these Instances. 

Sometimes the 20 Instances are taking up to hours to finally print something in the eventlog and eventually start. For me it looks like they are blocking each other somehow. They have barely CPU usage, maybe 1 % every 5 seconds for each process. They seem to climb up on Memory Usage from 0 - 41 - 50 -71 - 96 MB. When they finished startup, they go to over 100 MB.

This is also observeable with manually started Instances. If i start one Instance in the cmd, its ready within 1 minute. But if i start like 5 instances around the same time, none of it is logging anything till eventually one will start to startup. The other instances will still be blocked and maybe start minutes later.


I had the presumption that maybe the amount of pdf presets, color profiles or fonts had anything to do with this. But then starting a single instance should also be slow. Right?


Does someone have any explaination for this issue? Any Ideas how i can see, what the instances are doing?


Some Details on the Server:

Windows Server 2016

16 Core CPU @ 2.2 GHz

32 GB

InDesignServer 15.0.2 (CC 2020)

Instances are started from the Service with following Command:
InDesignServer.exe -console -LogToApplicationEventLog -port 13000 -previews


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