Text Variables, Cross-References, or Alternative?

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Sep 03, 2020

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I am using an industry-specific software to export employee resumes. One format needed displays five examples of employee projects in an InDesign table, but the software cannot export examples and place one in each row of a table (and we can't change the table to a different format).


I intended to have the examples export as paragraphs formatted with nested styles to a text area that would be hidden and to use running header text variables based on character styles to insert the correct text in each cell of the table (quickly changing the paragraph style of four of the examples after export, then converting all variables to text to get them to wrap).


However, it appears that text variables have length limits and some of our experience examples exceed the limit and cannot be edited down. I then tried cross-references but it seems I can’t set these in advance of the text being in the document. I then went to Google, but can’t find the right words to get useful results.


Any suggestions for other InDesign features to use, plugins, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I should also note that to upload our templates to the software that will export resumes, they must be in idml format. Thank you!

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