TOC issues wth 2nd level hidden layer text out of order

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Nov 23, 2020 Nov 23, 2020

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i'm having a huge issue with a 2 level TOC that for the 2nd level uses hidden text on a separate layer.

The issue is that the 2nd level is all jumbled up with duplicates and wrong placements:


the hidden textbox on a separate layer is used for the author of each text(it has to appear on the TOC but NOT on the text).

So on the same page as the title, i made a textbox on a separate layer(red) that contains the name and has a special paragraph style applied to it, afterwards i can hide that layer for final print:



the TOC setup is that the "author" paragraph style is 2nd level to the title, with no page numbers



the issue as you saw is that it's all jumbled up!. For page 13the 1st entry is the correct box "maria julia blanco", but "maria luz plaza jugo" is the author for the p16 title"pixelada"(but the page 17 entry IS in the correct order)

¿¡¿why is it not listed on the 2nd level?!?!


i tried moving the textbox below the title just in case it was a precedence issue, but no luck


It seems that at random it puts the 2nd level TOC above the main level whenever it wants, sometimes it puts it above, sometimes below





Bug, Type








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