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Awful Grainy Previews in Library and Develop Slowing Workflow

New Here ,
Nov 13, 2022 Nov 13, 2022

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LRC 12.0  for Mac


Previews in both library and develop modules show as incredibly grainy with ANY amount of grain applied to files. Grain only returns to normal after zooming in 1:1 and grain returns again when making any adjustment, switching modules or viewing other photos. Before and after 1:1 examples attached.


 My files are quite large (Fuji GFX100s) and generating 1:1 every time I revisit an image winds up being incredibly time consuming. The only work around I've found is editing without grain and adding as the final step, but then I need to remove it if I want to revisit an edit, which is often. It's proving to be quite frustrating and IMO completely unacceptable. This software has come way too far to be hindered by something as basic as grain. Please fix this soon. It's ruining the experience.








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