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Can you have loupe and grid views simultaneously open on a single widescreen monitor?

New Here ,
Jun 23, 2022 Jun 23, 2022

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Hi all. I like the idea of the new 21:9 ultrawide monitors for work reasons. In terms of lightroom though I like having a secondary window open so I can see both a loupe and grid view at the same time to help me sort through similar photos quickly. I currently do this with two separate monitors.


Is it possible to do this on a single ultrawide monitor (or any sized monitor for that matter)? I've seen the occasional picture online where they appear to have achieved this but can't work out how unless there's something in the ultrawide monitor software that allows for it. I can't see a way to open the same lightroom window twice either.

Thanks in advance.


Otherwise I'll just continue to use two separate monitors.







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