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Jul 08, 2022 Jul 08, 2022

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I am having an issue with the caption text not showing correctly in slideshows. I am on a Mac running Monteray. Problem has persisted through multiple weeks, restarting the program, and updating Lightroom Classic to the most recent version just today. I also have tried on a differnt person's computer with their own Lightroom Classic software and images and they have the same problem. The problem only happens in the Slideshow module when arrowing through the slides in the slide editor view. It is essentially showing the caption text from whichever image you viewed last on top of the file instead of the current file's caption. When you move to the next image it changes to the caption from the image you were just viewing. I have attached screenshots to illustrate. The captions match the text in the images. The 1st image shows the caption as empty, then I arrow to the 2nd  image and it shows the 1st image's text, I arrow to the 3rd image and it shows the second, arrow back to the 2nd and it shows the 3rd, back to the 1st and it shows the 2nd. When I click on the caption text it becomes correct, but the problem persists if I change slides again. When you play the slideshow or export it to pdf/video the captions display correctly, but it is very confusing to work on a slideshow and have all the text be wrong in the editor view.








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