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Continued syncing problems LrC <-> cloud

New Here ,
Apr 17, 2023 Apr 17, 2023

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I have used Lightroom for close to 10 years and currently run LrC 12.2.1 on a Windows 11 PC. I have some 20.000 photos in my catalogue, of which some 2000 are attempted synced to the Lightroom cloud. 


Following various minor "stuck syncing" issues I some days ago decided to delete everything on the cloud and do a fresh upload of the albums I wanted to sync, to allow access from my iPad and other iOS units.


  1. The new upload apparently ran well, LrC confirmed by the standard green checkbox that all syncing was completed.  The appropriate number of images was uploaded.
  2. Fine I thought, but wait a minute: looking at some of the cloud images online or from my iPad I realised that lots of pictures had not been synced properly - numerous cloud versions were lacking my edits!
  3. I tried tweaking the pictures in LrC (tiny edits made to example pictures lacking adjustments has helped before, but now without success). I then chose to “Rebuild Sync Data”. This apparently resolved the issue - pictures appeared to look correct from the web app and as downloaded to iPad and other units. 
  4. However, now a large number of pictures on my iPad and similar are saying “Waiting for settings”, not referring to any specific unit, but “from a different client which need to be downloaded prior to editing” (wording translated to English from my native language, maybe not 100% correct). 
  5. And at the same time, while the green checkbox in LrC appears to tell me that syncing is all OK, a closer look at the syncing data says that some 278 images are downloading. But nothing is happening, there is no progress and 24 hours later 287 images are still said to be downloading.


What is going on here? Why the "Waiting for settings" and why the not endless and not progressing Downloading queue?


I am the deep end of frustration with my syncing setup and hope somebody has some good tips. 







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