Dark browns incorrectly rendered in evaluation mode and after export

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Jan 01, 2022 Jan 01, 2022

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System info

Lightroom Classic version 11.1

Mac OS 12.0.1 on iMac Pro with GPU fully enabled (preference set to "automatic")

See attached "SystemInfo.txt" for details

Original RAW file can be downloaded from Dropbox via https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zazxyc7xcos22yu/AACgFRYWKyDT7cAR3hxtee7la?dl=0

Problem description

Import the original Nikon RAW file "Original.NEF" (see link above), go to develop mode, zoom to 100% and pan to bottom right (just above the chair). You see nice shades/gradients of dark brown color (see attached "Correct.png"). Now switch to evaluation mode with same zoom and pan. You see reddish colors in the skin tones and the dark browns instead of the proper browns (see attached "Incorrect.png").

More context

1. Opening the same RAW file in Photoshop 23.1.0 shows the correct result, both in ACR and Photoshop proper. Exporting from Photoshop preserves the correct result.

2. Exports of the original file from Lightroom (possibly after editing) to full resolution JPEG or TIFF include the incorrect red colors. Subsampling to lower resolution (e.g. to 3000 pixels on the shorter side) seems to largely fix the problem.

3. Opening an export to DNG of the original file from Lightroom (possibly after editing) in Photoshop shows the correct result.

4. Disabling the use of the GPU in preferences slightly changes the way the colors are rendered in both develop and evaluation mode (but the result is still inconsistent between the two modes). Very scary.

5. The problem occurs with multiple similar images taken of the same scene.

Thank you for looking into this; let me know if I can provide more information.








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