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Denoise AI suddenly stopped working on LrC but working on Lr

New Here ,
May 30, 2024 May 30, 2024

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Hi. I have been using Denoise AI feature on Lightroom Classic and Lightroom. I am relatively new to this software. Since last month, Denoise AI Enhance Process is not completing and leaves no error message as well. It processes upto around 90% and suddenly stops and shows no photo displayed. However the feature continues to work in Lightroom and having issue with only Lightroom Classic. 

Today I did update lightroom classic and it did not solve the issue.

I am using Macbook M1 Pro with MacOS 14


Can someone help me in troubleshooting this issue ?


Thanks in advance


System Info :

Lightroom Classic version: 13.3 [ 202405092057-40441e28 ]
License: Creative Cloud
Language setting: en-DE
Operating system: Mac OS 14
Version: 14.5.0 [23F79]
Application architecture: arm64
Logical processor count: 8
Processor speed: NA
SqLite Version: 3.36.0
Power Source: Battery, 52%
Built-in memory: 16.384,0 MB
Dedicated GPU memory used by Lightroom: 2.232,7MB / 10.922,6MB (20%)
Real memory available to Lightroom: 16.384,0 MB
Real memory used by Lightroom: 3.049,5 MB (18,6%)
Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 412.541,2 MB
Memory cache size: 119,9MB
Internal Camera Raw version: 16.3 [ 1863 ]
Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 5
Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2
Camera Raw virtual memory: 1428MB / 8191MB (17%)
Camera Raw real memory: 1425MB / 16384MB (8%)

Preview1- RAM:22,0MB, VRAM:0,0MB, DSC03585.ARW
Preview2- RAM:22,0MB, VRAM:0,0MB, DSC02493.ARW
Final3- RAM:189,0MB, VRAM:0,0MB, DSC03400.ARW
Preview4- RAM:22,0MB, VRAM:0,0MB, DSC03587.ARW
Preview5- RAM:22,0MB, VRAM:0,0MB, DSC02376.ARW
Preview6- RAM:22,0MB, VRAM:0,0MB, DSC02464.ARW
Final7- RAM:189,0MB, VRAM:0,0MB, DSC02498.ARW
Final8- RAM:189,0MB, VRAM:0,0MB, DSC03403.ARW
Preview9- RAM:22,0MB, VRAM:0,0MB, DSC02377.ARW
Preview10- RAM:22,0MB, VRAM:0,0MB, DSC03583.ARW
Preview11- RAM:22,0MB, VRAM:0,0MB, DSC03570.ARW
NT- RAM:743,0MB, VRAM:0,0MB, Combined:743,0MB

m:119,9MB, n:1.607,7MB

U-main: 139,0MB

Standard Preview Size: 3600 pixels
Displays: 1) 3600x2338

Graphics Processor Info:
Metal: Apple M1 Pro
Init State: GPU for Export supported by default
User Preference: Auto

Application folder: /Applications/Adobe Lightroom Classic
Library Path: /Users/sriniketh/Pictures/Lightroom/Lightroom Catalog-v13-3.lrcat
Settings Folder: /Users/sriniketh/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom

Installed Plugins:
1) AdobeStock
2) Aperture/iPhoto Importer Plug-in
3) Flickr
4) Nikon Tether Plugin

Config.lua flags:









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