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Develop Parameters are missing in the list for the "LrDevelopController"

Advocate ,
Nov 11, 2023 Nov 11, 2023

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Hi all.

Today I wanted to create a script that resets all "Global Edits" but leaves all "Local Edits" untouched (Masking, Healing, etc...), 

There is already a Preset that does it i.e "Zeroed"  but it doesn't reset Crop and tis not updated since it doesn't reset Point Color nor Lens Blur (issue reported internally already).


Thus in order to achieve what I wanted I created a script using LrDevelopController.resetToDefault


I though found out that the documentation is not mentioning some settings that are required to actually be able to reset the image i.e.










Maybe there are other entries missing but these seem most obvious.

@johnrellis nearly centranly knows and can add to my report.


I am nearly a newcomer to the SDK (zero software engineering skills) but I am very familiar with all LrC edits and how are represented/named internally AND I doubt any other new user would  figure out easily that the necessary settings are missing form that list.




Worth saying that so far I was able to reset all settings properly beside : Extended Point Curve & Extended RGB Channels, Point Color and Lens Blur.

Those dont' seem to be "resettable" using LrDevelopController.resetToDefault and I believe LrDevelopController.setValue must be used (I am not advanced enough to know how to do it yet)

The SDK documentation is not clear or informative about any of this.






macOS , SDK , Windows






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