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Does professional photographer use creative profiles ?

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Nov 20, 2021 Nov 20, 2021

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When I heard about profiles I was fascinated and I jumped into it because I thought that they will be easier to manage than preset were stuffs can get pretty messy when you touch tons of slider and sometimes playing with them it becomes such a chain reaction that is easier to start from scratch when it comes to explore a new creative direction. ( I reset, apply the preset and tweak from from there). My idea was to use profile as a base and then do some "minor tweak" in the sliders.

But in the last year despite looking at tons of video of professional editing photos I noticed that almost none of them was using profiles but they just stick to presets.

There for I would like to know what is the choice of professional photographer when it comes to presets vs profiles and if the solution is to combine them in which order/way they are genrally used ?


Tnx in advance to everyone 🙂

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