During move to a new computer Sync folder was emptied

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Nov 02, 2021 Nov 02, 2021

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Moving from an "old" Mac to a new one. On the old system, I had my LRC catalog & image sync on an external SSD. On the new system, I am going to have it all on an internal SSD.

There appears to be an Image Sync bug(s).  Here are my steps:

  1. Connected the external SSD from the old system to the new system
  2. Copied everything from the Catalog folder and the Image Sync folder to a new "LRC" folder on the new system
  3. Disconnected the external SSD
  4. Double-clicked on the catalog folder on the new Mac - which opened LRC
  5. The catalog opened in LRC, but I received an error message stating that the sync folder could not be found
    1. That makes sense because I had disconnected the external SSD I had used on the old Mac so LRC couldn't find it
  6. So, under Preferences/Lightroom Sync, I changed the location to the Image Sync folder on the internal drive (the one I had copied from the external drive)
    1. I left the "Use subfolders formatted by capture date" checkbox on. (That's how I had it on the old system and that's how the file structure was in the Image Sync folder I had copied over)


That's where it went off the rails.

  • LRC deleted the contents of the Image Sync folder I had copied over (bug #1 - don't delete all files).
  • It then started writing new sync files into that folder but not in any subfolder structure (bug #2 - when writing new files, use the folder naming structure as per the set options).







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