Exiting full screen mode / Full screen mode hangs (Since years back on every version)

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Apr 15, 2022 Apr 15, 2022

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Lightroom Classic 11.3 at the moment.
Windows 11 at the moment.
Computer: Lenovo X1 Carbon at the moment.

I seemingly randomly can't get out of the full screen (preview) mode with the F-key. It seems to function in the background but just covered by the full screen preview. The only way I can return is to quit the program by alt tab and close it from the menu bar in windows. 

This is reoccuring in every version of LR/LRC i ever used from 5.x (?) and on every computer (PCs).
For  a while I seemed to notice it happened more often when having an active tool like the brush or spot tool etc. But it still happened when nothing was selected.

First years it was full screen going in to an endless uninterruptable loop opening and closing full screen mode but now it just stays in full screen. No matter escape or any function key etc.

It makes me wonder.
How is it possible that the same bug occurs in every version of LR/LRC, and on several coputers and several windows versions for years without being fixed?

If it has to do with cache files, memory, graphics cards etc, isn't it preventable? Can't there be a warning sign, dialogue box or something to make you aware or make you not use the fuction what so ever?

It's very annoying when it occurs and no I can't reproduce it by doing the same thing all over.









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