How to import iPhone photos AND the original video

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Nov 15, 2021 Nov 15, 2021

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recently I started importing photos from my partners iPhone and I am struggling with the way how Lightroom Classic handles the import.


When I take photos with my Android phone or with my DSLR I always create a JPG and a raw format file. So when Lightroom imports my images (Android/.dng or DSLR .raw) it will only ever show the raw images in my library. This behaviour absolutely makes sense to me.


However, iPhones create .mov files and a corresponding .jpg file. When I am importing these into my LR Classic library, it only ever shows the .mov file, but not the .jpg. I still want to keep the .mov file but I want the actual image to show as well. I tried switching of the "don't import suspected duplicate" import function without success.


Can anyone help me with that? Would be much appreciated. My partner took a lot of photos of our latest addition to our family and at this point all I got is a library of .mov that I can't really share with anyone unless I delete and re-import. (And I don't really want to delete the 








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