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I lost all my editing and star ratings in a folder

New Here ,
Aug 18, 2022 Aug 18, 2022

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I had just finished all editing and star ratings and exported the images to jpg. Lightroom was now starting to act erratic while the exporting was happening. images on the screen was hopping around and I couldn't stop the flickering. I finally clicked out of that gallery and went to another. The issue stopped but when I came back to the gallery, almost all my edits and ratings were gone. This is the only way I can explain what happened. I tried to back step, cmd Z, to see if I had accidentally hit something and that it would reset that but nothing in the history suggest anything. If I search the images I can find them but has no edits or ratings on them. I have a large gallery with lots of hours into editing. What can I do? Can edits just vanish like that or is there a reset button that can just wipe all data in one click? I didn't have a chance to save my work since I had literally just finished up and was exporting before saving. 







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