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Jan 31, 2022 Jan 31, 2022

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I have to computers, A and B, both running Win10 and the latest version of LR Classic. On computer A I have a folder with 207 pictures (including 5 virtual copies) that I want to transfer to computer B. 


So I mark all the 207 pictures in folder and select "Export as catalogue" from the file-menu and choose a share on a local fileserver. I check to folders in the share and I can see 202 RAW-files, the preview, the database and so on. 


Then I switch to computer B, connect to the fileserver and choose to "Import from other catalogue". I choose the catalogue on the fileserver but computer B. The dialog box says that there ase 207 pictures in the catalogue but it could only find 120 new pictures (and no existing changed pictures). I start the import and 120 pictures is what I get but the rest are missing.


What is wrong and why does LR think that 87 (207-120) pictures already exists on computer B when they don't?











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