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Import of Copy form Client PC folder structure to Main PC folder structure ?

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May 10, 2021 May 10, 2021

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Optionen beim „Import“ in den Main PC

Option #1

Import from any drive in the existing folder structure E:\\BilderMain\ YEAR\MONTH\DAY



Import from Catalog oft he second Client PC funktioniert is only possible with copying the structure of the the clients-Systems F:\\BilderClient\ YEAR\MONTH\DAY

  • New pictures will be copied NOT in existing path but in new structure following and adding the Path of the clients
  • There is only possibiliy to choose COPY TO „Kopieren nach“ and the “new” folder structure will be added in the main system (Copy folder structure from client to main)  




  • Choices are not sufficient to simply include the Files as a REAL IMPORT in the existing Main folder structure.
  • It is NOT an import it’s a copy of the new files and adding the client’s folder structure.
  • Am I really bound to take care of 100% identical folder structure?

How to I simply only include the new Pictures to the old fotos of the main PC and simply add all work I did to the main PC Folder structure. I guess there must be similar way to get hold of this issue.

First:  true Import of the fotos from Kamara drive

Second: „Import from catalog“of the Clients PC and only import the WORK I did on the photos. (not all new ones)

How and where would I have this possibility ?  

How to, Import and export







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