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importing files out of order

New Here ,
Jul 11, 2022 Jul 11, 2022

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suddenly something has changed. my work flow is to cull 700 images to use. when I import to lightroom using custom image rename as : 0001.dng to 0700.dng,  this has worked just fine for almost 3 years. nothing in settings changed, however images adding out of order and are renamed out of order.. so some images from the end of the day being named in the beginning of the day.. and also adding in numbers that are not what the custom settings are suppposed to be.  some of the renamed files look like this:  0123-2-3 this should not be this way for only 700 photos.   
the photos appear in order not only from sd card number but the catpure time. not sure why are are reordered and renamed in the wrong part of the day. the first image is how they look in the grid view AFTER customizing rename again after import. photos in order now... however some are still adding in looking lik  ( 0010-2.dng )    should only be 0010.dng 2nd image shows. how is this happening?? how can i fix this? only some are doing this!







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