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Improve upon the subpar built-in lens correction profiles for Nikon Z lenses

Community Beginner ,
Jan 04, 2024 Jan 04, 2024

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It's more than 4 years that we're stuck with the subpar built-in lens correction profiles for the "new" Nikon Z lenses. Especially, the vignetting in images when wide open (eg, f2.8) is pretty prominent – and, a bit step back from the high quality lens correction profiles for the much older F-mount lenses (which were perfect and a huge draw for me to Lightroom over many many years). There is also no option to create lens correction profiles manually - so we're stuck with what we get for 4 (!) years by now (a lot in the life of a human being). On top, around 3 years ago, it was acknowledged by an Adobe moderator on the forum that Adobe has recognised the issue and is working on a solution - what can take so long for the biggest (and proud of this) image processing company in the world??? Please be more customer friendly and less profit optimisation oriented.







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