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Lag of second monitor display in Lightroom classic

Community Beginner ,
Aug 24, 2022 Aug 24, 2022

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I experience considerable lag of second monitor refresh, when using LR with the BenQ SW270c (non 4k) in two display mode:

I am using a M1 Macbook Pro (32 Gbyte RAM, 2 Tbyte SSD) for editing my photos (Olympus EM1II; 20 Mbyte maximum raw files) in LR classic (Abo version). I am using LR with the MBP retina monitor as standard monitor for a small display of the image plus menue and a BenQ SW270c as second monitor (in loupe mode) to have a close look at the photo in high quality. The BenQ is connected to the Laptop via an USB-C cable that is also used for power supply of the MBP...

When I perform adjustments of, e.g. Temp or Hue, the image on the MBP monitor changes fast, while there is often a delay of 2-4 seconds before also the image on the BenQ 270c changes its appearence. This is very annoying and a severe obstacle for photo editing...

The delay of display adaption on the BenQ is not always the same. Sometimes it is as fast as on the image that is displayed on the retina, but sometimes it takes several seconds. It might depend on other programs that are in the background (but just resting, they are not actively doing anything), but I guess with 32Gbyte RAM this should not be the case?

I suspect it could have to do with the Loupedeck CT console, that I am using together with LR...


Is this normal (=very disappointing performance) or am I doing something wrong and need to adjust something? Thanks, Wolfgang







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