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lens Blur comments

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May 10, 2024 May 10, 2024

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  I've been using Lens Blur for a while now and wanted to comment on a couple of things. I love the feature but it is a real CPU hog. I have 32 gb of RAM. A new NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX4060 TI 16gb memory. I have an I7 4 core 3.4 ghz processor. When I spend a lot of time editing a photo, my computer bogs down using up to 100% of the cpu and up to 50% of memory. I do have cloud sync paused. I also have cache maxed out at 200 gb. I have very few other processes running at the same time. Outside of over clocking my processor (risky) or replacing my processor, I am at a loss as to how to improve performance. Is this a beta or development issue with Adobe? Any thoughts?

    Having the Focus and Blur brushes seems to be absolutely critical. It's fairly easy to spot areas wher blur should be more focused and focus should be more blurred. These features along with the use of visualize depth gives me a lot of flexibility to enhance what AI couldn't get right. Great work Adobe. I'm looking forward to seeing how this works once it graduates from beta.








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