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Lightroom 6 macOS cannot import at all anymore

New Here ,
Aug 28, 2022 Aug 28, 2022

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Dear community,

I am experiencing severe importing issues with Lightroom 6. I am using a Macbook with MacOS 10.15.7 installed. Severe in the sense that I am not able to import photos anymore but have some photojobs to complete throughout the week.
This is the chronology of what I have been doing:
- copied photos (.NEF) from SD card to my notebook's internal hard drive
- opened up Lightroom
- Started importing from newly created photo folder

- Total photo count is 1512, it only imported 1325 photos though. The importing bar just sopped.

- Cancelled remaining import

- Tried importing missing photos but the importing bar wouldnt move
- Quitting Lightroom normally wasnt possible, had to force quit every time I tried
- Restarted macbook and lightroom several times, issue stayed the same, adding the missing photos would not work, the importing bar would freeze and when quitting the ongoing import a message woudl sometimes occur saying "no photos coudl be found for importing"
- deleted the 1325 photos from the catalogue
- tried importing again. This time 250 photos would import, but no more
- when cancelling the import adn restarting it with the missing photos it would continuously upload a bunch of phots and then freeze again. Weirdly it would always be in mulitples of 25 (so 25, 50, 75, 100,... photos). After doing this for a while hoping that this way I would at least be able to import all photos at some point, this "work around" also stopped working and no photos are being added at all. Importing bar does not move.
- I cannot uninstall lightroom manually (seems to be a blocked 32-bit file "developer needs to update the app"). Also, having purchased Lightroom 6 years ago the download link from the retailer does not work anymore so I do not know how to reinstall Lightroom.

Help would be greatly appreciated.








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