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Lightroom Classic: Controlling arrow key speed in library mode

New Here ,
Jan 20, 2024 Jan 20, 2024

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I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to control/influence the speed that LrC scrolls through images/videos in the 'filmstrip' at the bottom of the library screen. It's too fast for me (in the workflow I'll describe below.) I'm using LrC 13.1 on a Mac Studio (Apple Silicon) running MacOS 13.6.3.


My workflow is this:  I have a trail camera setup to capture wildlife.  Most of the shots are junk, and I want to delete them to preserve space (I usually end up with hundreds of clips/photos per day).  I'm not really using LrC in the traditional way for this workflow, but I use LrC for actual photography as well, so it's the tool I'm comfortable using in general, so I use it for the trail cam as well.  Since I get so many junk shots, I generally just want to start with the first shot of the import, doubleclick it to get the large view (switch from 'grid' to 'filmstrip at bottom and large view above') and then just hold down the right arrow/cursor key to scroll through them quickly, just scanning for anything interesting.  Since they're mostly the same except for exposure, it's kinda easy to spot anything unusual this way.  If I see something interesting, I'll give it one star (initially).  Once I'm done, I delete all the 'no star' photos/clips. Then I look closer at what's left and move forward.

The problem is that my scroll is way too fast.  It can go through 650 clips in about 8 seconds.  That's about 80 frames per second. When I see something interesting and lift my finger, it's already gone about 40-50 shots past it.  That's 'if I notice something interesting'... Sometimes it doesn't manage to render the frame, and honestly, at 80fps, I'm not 100% sure I'll spot a different frame.  At 20-40 fps, I think it'd be easy-peasy.  I'd like to be able to control the scroll speed, but Lightroom Classic DOES NOT HONOR the system setting for key repeat rate on my Mac.  Seems like it's doing it's own thing based on if the key is up or down. Full speed or full slow makes no difference. Paradoxically, if I set key repeat to OFF, it does honor that.  And it honors the key repeat DELAY.  It just pays no attention to the specified non-zero speed.


I know most people who post about preview speed have an issue with it being too slow, but in my case, for this particular workflow, I'd like to slow it down.


Does anyone know how to do that? I'd settle for just getting it to pay attention to the system settings, but if there's some other trick that would help my workflow, I'd consider that too.









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