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Lightroom Classic does not support my workflow.

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Oct 28, 2021 Oct 28, 2021

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Thanks for Adobe Max. After watching the teams, it is clear to me that Adobe wants feedback, so here is mine. I've been using LR Classic for about six years. I have about 15,000 photos, many of which are old family photos and other are photos I've shot over 25 years. Each photo has been keyworded and, in the case of historical photos, had the capture date changed from the scan date. I stuck with Classic over Desktop because I really want to know where my photos are. All have been keyworded. Once a week, I import photos from the Photos app on my phone to LRC on desktop via cable, then use Image Capture to delete them from Photos. Would be nice if the Move function would work. I do not use Apple Photos on my Mac.

My only camera is my iPhone. The most common use of my photos is, in the middle of a conversation, to pull up a photo of the topic we are discussing on my iPhone.

  I think LRC should have a button that says: share all photos in the cloud. Instead, I have to create a collection, sync that collection to the cloud, and remember to add new photos to the collection. So, I have worked around a constraint that seems artifical.

  Once I'm on my phone, I cannot use keywords. While the AI search feature sometimes helps get me close, I often have to poke through several years of photos to find the right one. Please copy keywords to the web!

  I don't have an iPad, and I do not ever edit a photo on my phone, so the only use I have for LR Mobile is to show photos. For a while there I tried using LR Mobile as a camera but with Apple's new RAW format, it is just easier to use one camera app--the Apple one.

  Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Thanks again for Adobe MAX.

  BTW, the new features in LRC are just amazing. Nice work!









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