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Oct 26, 2021 Oct 26, 2021

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Adobe LR Classic 13.4 and Windows 10. I currently store all my images on an 8TB external drive. I maintain two catalogues, one for photos proor to 2021 and one for photos from 2021. I know, everyone said I don't need two catalogues but I felt performance was slipping so created the two catalogues. (Total images is 800,000 plus) Right or wrong, that is what I have. The images are backed up (2021 and pre-2021)) to two external drives because I had them on hand and didn't want to buy a new larger external.


I have now bought a NAS system which is two 12 TB drives that are mirrored. I have copied all photos to the NAS system so all images reside on one drive. I have one drive showing on LR for 2021 images that are on my external  Do I update folder location to to the NAS drive? And then would I merge the LR catalogue for pre 2021 images to my 2021 catalogue?








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