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Lightroom Classic (PC) not syncing

New Here ,
Dec 02, 2023 Dec 02, 2023

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I'm a fairly new user to Lightroom Classic and I'm running into a problem which I can't manage to solve and it drives me slowly bonkers. All I want (to begin with) is to flag my photos on my iPad Pro, but I don't get the updates synced back to my PC.

I installed the latest Lightroom Classic version (13.0.1) on my PC (Win10Pro) - I created a catalogue, imported photos and added them to a collection which I marked to sync with Lightroom.

This all worked fine and the sync process was a success - 3785 photos were synced (not sure if it's correct that it uses only 356 Byte)


I installed the app on my iOS device and I can see the photos there and do my flags/edits - and it syncs there fine as well. When I go to https://lightroom.adobe.com/ I can see my collection there as well with the flags/edits I did on my iPad, so I guess the sync to the cloud works fine from that side.

But the updates don't show up in Lightroom Classic on my PC. When I start it up it shows me that it's syncing for a moment but a few moments later it shows me the green mark like on my screen shot.

I tried to remove and install again Lightroom Classic which didn't helped. It's like a one way sync - when I set a flag on my PC - it instantly shows me on the upper right corner that it syncs this one photo and I can see the update on my iPad as well, but the other way around it doesn't work.


Any help is appreciated and sorry if this problem is described somewhere else already, I spent the last 2 days to find some solution.










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