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Lightroom Classic uses my SSD disk at full speed even in idle mode.

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May 25, 2023 May 25, 2023

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Hi. After updating the program (to the version where the noise reduction function appeared), my computer (Macbook Pro M1, 8Gb RAM) began to heat up even in idle mode. Before that, my computer NEVER warmed up while I was working in Lightroom Classic. Something is constantly being written to the disk (I repeat, even in idle mode when the program hangs in the background). In 6 hours of work, 1.66TB of some data was written on the disk. During this time, I processed about 200 photos in RAW (33 megapixel), without using any resource-intensive operations. I only crop photos and use standard adjustments. The average size of 1 of my photos in RAW is about 35 MB. Let 200 photos be 7 GB of data on disc. What was recorded all this time to the size of 1.66 TB? Please do not say to me that my computer is slow, before the update it worked better. I just want to know what kind of data is 1.66 TB was written in 6 hours and what is the processor was doing all the time that it is warming up in the background. I did not use other resource-intensive programs at that time, and I immediately see that data stops being written and the computer cools down as soon as I turn off Adobe Classic. Thank you.


Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 16.53.03.png







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