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Lightroom Classic V12 Loupe (f11) not functional

Participant ,
Oct 24, 2022 Oct 24, 2022

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I would like to use the Loupe with Live during editing to see how the image changes with my edit at 100-400% view under my cursor, and having the develop module in "fit to screen" view of the image. This would make editing so much faster. 

However, this function never worked correctly, as it was insanely slow, but V12 made it even worse. Now Loupe will not update until I zoom into the image in develop module, to the image, in order for the Loupe to update the resolution. Otherwise, its a grainy mess on the Loupe at 100-400% viewon the loupe. This process defeats the purpose of having a loupe in the first place....
Hardware: win11, 12900k, 3090, 64GB ddr5, catalog on separate nvme, and os on its own nvme. Storage are all around 50-70% full. 

LR settings: GPU acceleration on, 200GB raw cache, 1:1 preview was done prior to editing. 

Here is a video documenting my problem: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qjd-ZfTdMvQPfC3kRuu0EIt7S5VpX909/view?usp=sharing


While I am super thankful for the recent AI improvements, but simple problems of basic viewing like this, make this program difficult to use.







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