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Lightroom face detection thread scheduler not working as expected

New Here ,
Feb 07, 2023 Feb 07, 2023

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Lighroom Classic Version: Build [202212072312-d7ab524b]

Operating System: Windows 10 Build 19045.2486

Processor: Intel i5-13600k


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start Lightroom Classic
  2. Start face detection
  3. Minimize Lightroom Classic and wait for the thread scheduler to assign the threads to the Efficiency cores. 


Issue: When running face detection in Lightroom Classic, the thread scheduler does not assign CPU affinity consistently. When Lightroom Classic is in the background, the scheduler tries to put the threads on the Efficiency cores. However, when doing so, it consumes 100% of the usage of the Efficiency cores. When Lightroom Classic is brought back to the foreground, or the affinity set as not to use the Efficiency cores, the issue goes away. 


Here are some screenshots of the issue:

All E Cores 1.png

All E Cores 2.png

All E Cores 3.png


Here is the behaviour when Lightroom Classic is in the foreground, or the affinity set to not use the Efficiency cores:

P Core 1.png

P Core 2.png

P Core 3.png











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