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LR/Blog or alternate tool for uploading images from LR to Wordpress Blog

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Dec 01, 2022 Dec 01, 2022

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Hi,  I used the LR/Blog plugin (https://photographers-toolbox.com/blog/2009/02/lrblog/)  for many years and really liked the simplicity of it.  A few years back, it stopped working for me but I was using an old version of LR Classic (pre all the new CC stuff) so figured it was an issue with my old technology.  I'm now using the subscription LR classic version and would really like to be able to upload photos from LR to my Blog.  When I try to do so I get messages such as:


Unable to export: An internal error has occured:  Invalid at the top level of the ducment.


When I try to verify my credentials I get a message that the authentication has failed  with a ./LRLib_SMLRPC.lua.176:  attempt to concatinate field 'name' (a nil value)


My service provider says they are not seeing any messages in their log that the requst is getting to their server.  Is anybody still using LR/Blog and have suggestions on what my problem may be?  In January of 2021 I sent a note to the developer but never heard back so perhaps the tool is no longer supported.


As an alternative, can someone point me to an easy to use tool for uploading images to my media catalog in Wordpress?  Yes, I can export them from LR and then load them from my laptop to Wordpress from SP, but it is so much nicer to do in one step.  I'm not looking to sync my files between LR and WP with updates being automatically moved to WP.


Any thoughts folks can provide would be appreciated.


BTW, I'm on Windows 10, using LR Classic 12 and V 2.11 of LR/Blog.












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