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LR CC Web UI Share button to select e-mail address doesn't auto-complete properly for 2nd person.

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Feb 22, 2022 Feb 22, 2022

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I want to share 5 synced folders with 2 individuals using the web interface of lightroom.  The albums in the cloud were originally synced from my desktop Lightroom Classic, but that seems irrelevant to this web UI issue.  This bug is a minor inconvenience of the UI when typing in the email box:

To reproduce:
I select the folder I want to share on the left,
mouse over the "person+" share settings button on the right side of the UI,
click in the blank "enter an e-mail address" form line
begin typing the e-mail address of the person,
then use the mouse to click-select the correct address from list which appears below as I type (it's already there because I share with these people often).
Note the email form line is fully filled out and click "Invite"
This works fine for person 1.
Click in the now-blank-again email address form line to start next person.
Begin typing person2's email.
Click her name below, and the form line refuses to populate. Only the letters I actually typed are there. They stay red because it's not a valid email address yet.
The full address does pop up below, but will not allow me to click.
Tried using arrows/enter instead of mouse, same thing.
It *looks* like the name is fully in the field, but if I move the mouse to "invite" it reverts back to only the characters I've physically typed so the auto-populate is broken for the 2nd share.
Typed the whole address and it takes it fine, but this is a bore.
If I refresh the page (browser reload icon) after inviting person1 and before entering person 2, then the selection option works for person 2 just fine.
A pain in the butt when I have 5 new folders to share with multiple people. I have to reload each page twice. Seems easy to reproduce; I just did it 10 times in the last couple days for my 5 shared folders.  

OS Win 10 build 19044.1526
Browser: Chrome 98.0.4758.102

Cross-app workflows , Windows







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