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LRC 13.3.1 losing star ratings

Explorer ,
Jun 11, 2024 Jun 11, 2024

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My work flow is to import into LRC on my macbook, storing the files on a NAS drive, and adding the imported files to a new collection which is synced to Adobe.

I then review the images via Lightroom on my iPad, assigning stars to the ones I wanted to potentially edit.


On LRC 12, and earlier, creating the collections on the macbook made them almost instantly available in the cloud on the ipad.  Now it takes a signifitcant time before they appear.


The star ratings also take a long time to appear; e.g if I assign 3 stars on the iPad, it takes several minutes, at least, before I see that on the macbook.

The latest problem I've noticed is when updating the star ratings on my macbook, e.g. changing 3 stars to 4, they revert shortly afterwards to what they were.  This never happened before I updated to 13.  I'm guessing some sort of sync problem, where the new code isn't working as before.



ETA: Some time later, I don't know how long as I wasn't watching,  the stars reappear.









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