LrC delays with Photos on Network Server

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Oct 26, 2021 Oct 26, 2021

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Good day, knowledgeable people,


Thanks a lot for taking the time to have a look at my Lightroom Classic (LRC) delay problem !


When using LRC on my PC with LRC catalog on system drive, and original photos reachable via a network connected server (NAS), I have no problematic delays when using LRC, all functions respond subsecond.


The ten to 45s LRC delays occur when the NAS is continuously unreachable (such as NAS powered off), but the PC is connected to the internet.
(Note: the Library module's "Folders" sidebar updates immediately when the NAS becomes continuously  unreachable by the green light and NAS path/folder turning black)


The LRC delays occur in Library and Develop modules in a few situations:
     (Note: Windows Error Reporting shows no errors when any of the delays described below occur)

     1. If LRC is running, and I switch to any other app outside of LRC, and then return to LRC, there is a                10 to 45s delay within LRC, and LRC shows "Not Responding" in the title bar.
     2. LRC in Library mode: Occassionally when cycling through images in this mode at any speed.
     3. LRC in Develop mode: Occassionally when cycling through images in this mode at any speed.


System as of day of this post on Oct 26, 2021:


PC Resource Utilization when described delays occur:
     CPU: even at < 3%
     Memory: even at < 30%
     Disk: even at 1 %
     Network:even at 1 %
     GPU: even at 1 %


PC hardware:
     CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16 core, 3.4GHz
     GPU: NVidia GeForce RTX 3070, Total Memory: 24MB, Dedicated Video Memory: 8GB, Shared                       System Memory 16GB
     RAM: 32GB
     System drive: SSD, 1 TB, 75% free


     Windows 10 Home, fully updated, licensed
     LR Classic 10.4, fully updated, licensed, signed in
     Camera Raw 13.4, licensed
     Adobe Creative Cloud, fully updated, licensed, signed in


Software Configuration:
          Preferences/File Handling:
               Import DNG Creation:
               File Extension: DNG
               JPEG Preview: Medium Size
               Embed Fast Load Data: checked

          Camera Raw:
          Use Graphics Processor: Auto (Note: 10s to 45s delays occured when set to off too)
          (Note: "Your system automatically supports full acceleration" is displayed)
     Preferences/Camera Raw Cache Settings
          Location: system SSD
          Max Size: 20GB
          Enable hover preview of presets in Loupe: checked
          Use Smart Previews instead of originals for image editing: checked
               (Note: delays occur this setting unchecked too)
     Preview Generation Settings:
          Generate Previews in parallel: checked
     Catalog Settings/General:
          Location: system SSD
          Backup/Back up catalog: Every time Lightroom exits
     Catalog Settings/File Handling:
          Preview Cache:
               Total Size: 2GB
               Standard Preview Size: Auto (2560px)
               Preview Quality:Medium
               Automatically Discard 1:1 Previews: After 30 Days
          Smart Previews:
               Total Size 1GB
               Import Sequence Numbers:
                    Import Number: 1, Photos Imported: 0
          Catalog Settings/Metadata:
               Offer suggestions from recently entered values: checked
               Include Develop settings in metadata inside JPEG, TIPP, PNG, PSD files
                    (all other Catalog Settings/Metadata settings unchecked. Note: same delay problems occurred                     with Automatically write changes into XMP checked)
          Lightroom Plug-in Manager:
               All plugins disabled (Note: same delay problems occurred with all plugins enabled)


Thank you all for your time !








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