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Mapping and Albums

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Jan 04, 2023 Jan 04, 2023

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I'm very much a casual user of Lightroom but really puzzled by the way the different Lightrooms work together and hoping someone can enlighten me or more likely point out where I have it wrong.


My first challenge is Mapping.   I am scanning lots of old 35mm slides into folders and albums on Lightroom CC on a Mac (I think its called that although there seems to be great name confusion in the not-Classic LR.  The About box calls it Photoshop Lightroom so I'll just call it Other OR).   That works fine and if I add the location it throws up a map.   Although there is no way to correct it easily if its wrong.   I learnt that for mapping you need to switch to LR Classic.  That doesn't pick up any location info from the other LR but works fine and syncs the location back to the other LR info panel.   But it doesn't sync any mapping to the LR on my iPad at all ( in fact I can't see any mapping display or setting function in the iPad app).   Which makes it rather difficult to work on my iPad in spare moments.    So why are there three different mapping systems which seem to be pretty non-interoperable so you have to switch between them to do anything?   Or have I missed a trick?


The second thing I've then picked up is while I have a nice system of cataloguing the scans in the folders and albums in the other LR, only the Album names seem to copy across into a "From Lightroom" Collection.    Which is a bit of a pain as I've used folders to sort them into e.g. UK, Japan, USA etc folders and then the Slide Box number they are taken from.   Again, why isn't there a consistency across the different products given you have to switch between them to do e.g. mapping?   The iPad app does keep the folder structure.   Again am I missing something here?


Many thanks for any help you Pros can give this novice which don't involve a three week training course.

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