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Matching color between 2 different Canon cameras

New Here ,
Oct 29, 2022 Oct 29, 2022

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This feels like a silly, basic question but I haven't had to deal with it before and am totally lost on how to start. The changes I've made to my images are not working and I could really use some guidance on what to try next. 


I am a portrait photographer and have used my Canon 5D Mark II for years and LOVE it. It is the perfect work horse for what I do but the shutter is going so I need to upgrade. I bought a Canon R to get my foot in the Canon mirrorless door and am massively struggling to make the color match between the two. Per usual, the Mark II has the color tone/cast out of camera that I love. The Canon R is much more green and blah looking. 


My question is 2 fold -  I need to figure out how to match the images I have already taken that are loaded into LR. So far my ability to adjust and compensate has been a failure. Then after I figure out how to adjust those, I suspect it would be best to create a color profile to use when importing all my future images from the Canon R. I figured out how to do that but wanted to know if anyone has any different suggestions for how to fix this moving forward. 


I attached screenshots of different images for reference. I have done a side by side test to make sure it isn't the lenses that need to be corrected, so I think I can rule that out. In both of those screenshots, the left image is the Canon R and the right is the Canon 5D Mark II. 


I am open to any tutorials/forum posts that are already out there! I struggled to know how to phrase my question to pull up what I needed. 







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