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Memory leak on MacOS, possibly Windows, too

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Apr 28, 2024 Apr 28, 2024

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Hi there,
for the past half a year or so, I have been experiencing abnormal high RAM usage, most likely a memory leak of some sort.
- Lightroom Classic Version Number: 13.2
- OS Version Number: Sonoma 14.4.1

Steps to reproduce:
1. start editing photos, do some basic edits (only exposure, hightlights and shadows, crops) around 100 files (in this case Canon EOS R7 CR3, but happens with all RAW files I have)
2. memory usage climbs quickly from 5GB to 15GB, computer starts to swap and slow downs occur scrolling through the development tab timeline
3. export around 100 files to JPG, memory usage climbs to 42GB (!)
Expected result: much less RAM being used! 

Actual result: Memory usage keeps going up and up... 24GB should be plenty for LrC. No other programs are running in the background! Also happened on my Intel iMac 2020 with 64GB RAM. Here RAM usage climbs to even further heights... 150GB (!)


macOS , Windows






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