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Metadata File Needs to be updated” Icon Appears Incorrectly #1: GPS Setting

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Jan 07, 2024 Jan 07, 2024

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  • Issue: When Customer preforms a sync of Lightroom Classic, the Metadata change icon appears on EVERY image taken on a device with Lightroom Mobile that has GPS enabled.  This is a “False positive”.  No metadata was changed using Lightroom. This makes it impossible for customer to know which images in Lightroom classic on Desktop have legitimate Metadata changes made in Lightroom and which do not.
  • Article: Advanced metadata actions: Hyperlink States the following definition for the icon:
    Message: “The metadata for this photo has changed in Lightroom.  Save the changes to Disk?”. https://helpx.adobe.com/in/lightroom-classic/help/advanced-metadata-actions.html
  • Perform test. Create a collection in Lightroom Mobile.  Turn on Auto Update (click three dots and turn on “Auto Add From Device photos”, then enable). Take a photo with device using device shutter button.  Open Lightroom classic on desktop. Turn sync off and on again (this performs a “force sync”.).
  • Result: The images appear in the collection on Lightroom Classic with the icon “Metadata File Needs to be updated”
  • Use Case Example: Customer has a photoshoot at client location using iPhone 15 Pro Max.  He shoots 300 images and then makes metadata edit on 23 of those images on his iPhone using Lightroom Mobile.
    When customer opens Lightroom Classic on his computer, he is not able to see the Metadata icon on just the 23 images he edited because ALL images have the Metadata change icon.








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