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Migrating from Windows to Mac, my watermarks did not migrate.

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Nov 09, 2021 Nov 09, 2021

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I've been using Adobe Lightroom Clasic  on my Windows PC.  The PC is 10 years old and some components are no longer supported with drivers from the manufacture and are no longer compatible with my photo editing software.  I am just not willing to put up with all the "brain damage" associated with running a Windows based PC and am migrating to my MacBook Pro with the intenssion of buying a Mac Mini to replace mey PC. 

The migrating process has not been easy.  For one thing I lack experience with the "nuts and bolts" of the Mac OS.  But even if I were migrating to a new PC, I find the process of transfering all the elements of Adobe CC, Lightroom Classic and PS clumbsy and way too complicated. I don't understand why Adobe doesn't offer an export function that would be a one step process. The only backup and restore is for the catalog. For everything else, like presets, watermarks and other settings, your on your own. 

So the main problem I'm having is getting things like my watermarks to show up on my Mac. They are there in my settings folder, but Lightroom Classic doesn't see them, for whatever reason.  How do I fix that?

The other problem is with the catalog.  Mine is organized by year, so I have for example a 2021 folder with sub folders for my varius photo shoots. Now in my new install on my mac my subfolders for some years are there, but the main direcory/folder is gone.  How do I fix this. 

I also use On1 Photo Raw 2022 and I have to tell you, I didn't have any of these issues migrating to the Mac. The process was simple in comparison.   

In regards to the Mac M1 chip Mac Mini:  Does Adobe CC, LR and PS support the M1 chip natively?





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