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Sep 21, 2021 Sep 21, 2021

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I have two macs running LRC and see behavior the same on both.  One is MacBook Pro 16-inch 2019 with a BenQ monitor - OS 11.5.2 Lightroom 10.4.  One is iMac 27-inch Late 2013 OS 10.15.7 Lightroom C 10.4 with an HP monitor.  In both cases, the screen sizes are different.


Here is one scenario that consistently causes issues for me:

Two Monitors:  Monitor 1 (iMac) and Monitor 2 (slightly smaller HP).
Two LRC windows:  Main Window and Secondary Window for showing selected photo.

  • Start with LRC displayed on Monitor 1.  Select a photo.  Toggle on/off Secondary Window.  Do this a few times but have it off when going to next step.
  • Three finger up and move LRC Main Window to Monitor 2.  Now again toggle on/off LRC Secondary Window. 
  • What happens to me (both systems) is that I only see only Secondary Window and no longer can access Main Window.  Nothing on Monitor 1 related to LRC.  Monitor 2 is only LRC showing Secondary Window.  Only way to get out this to use the main screen is to three finger up and position it back on Screen 1 but there still can be issues.  Sometimes with MB Pro / BenQ combo, the Main Window does not go full size on the BenQ monitor, as if it were stuck to the dimensions of the smaller MB Pro.  And sometimes I’ll see just an unusable black screen.


I try to avoid doing those above steps but I still stumble into that behavior.  My workaround on all these issues is to try moving back and forth between monitors, clicking the application icon at the bottom, trying to get to where I can toggle off the Secondary Window, then at least I can position the Main Window where it is usable.  Very annoying.


In quick test, restarting LRC does not help.








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