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Nikon Z6 II videos showing wrong in Lighroom

New Here ,
Nov 17, 2022 Nov 17, 2022

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Does anyone else have this issue or does anyone know what this might be about?

I´ve been using Nikon Z6II for about half a year now. It seems that when importing videos (shot with Z6II) to Lightroom Classic (Mac OS), the time of the videos (when was it shot) get somehow mixed. Everything is in order in the camera, but in Lightroom catalogue it shows as if the video was shot a exactly three hours earlier it actually was. For example I shoot photos and videos at 8 pm, and import them to LR Classic, all the photos´ info show just as they should the correct date and time, but the videos´ info show that they where shot on that day but at 5 pm.


I´ve been trying to go through the menus and preferences and trying to figure out what could cause this, but no avail. My Nikon D850 doesn´t do that, and I believe the problem can´t be in the Z6II either, as the time of the videos in the camera appear ok.


Why is this?









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