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P: What does the “P:” signify at the beginning of a thread title?

Adobe Employee ,
May 04, 2023 May 04, 2023

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Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 8.08.18 AM.png

You’ve probably noticed this peculiar “P:” at the beginning of some threads here in the Adobe Community Forum. What does it mean?


“P” stands for Primary.


A “P:” at the beginning of a forum thread title post means that Adobe staff has designated this thread as the primary and definitive thread on a particular topic. A primary thread designation can appear in Discussions, Bugs or Ideas.

It is standard practice to merge posts into a primary thread. The goal is to have a single primary thread for each distinct customer issue, question or feature request. This has several advantages:


  1. Consolidates information for engineers and product managers to review
  2. Provides single-stop searching for particular common questions
  3. Gives a single point for staff or Community volunteers to instruct, inform and ask questions
  4. Makes it easy, at a glance, to find and recognize the primary thread whether reviewing the forum or searching for specific topics


There are a very few forum participants who’ve taken to inserting a “P:” on their own threads - should they?


Generally, no.


Most times a Primary Thread for their post already exists and the post title will be dropped when it is merged. Additionally, if non-Adobe staff designates a thread as primary it may be missed, meaning a bug won’t be filed or a feature request reported until it is discovered. Please leave the “P:” designation to the Adobe staff!

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